OSPFD Routing Software Resources

This is the resource page for the ospfd routing software, a complete annotated C++ implementation of the OSPF routing protocol. The implementation itself, along with its documentation, has been published in book form (OSPF Complete Implementation, Addison-Wesley, 9/2000). The implementation is covered by the GNU General Public License, Version 2.

The base OSPFv2 protocol as specified in RFC 2328 is completely supported. There is also support for several optional OSPF enhancements: The Multicast Extensions to OSPF (MOSPF, RFC 1584), OSPF's Demand Circuit extensions (RFC 1793), and OSPF Database Overflow (RFC 1765).

Bug reports should be sent to ospfd-bugs@ospf.org.

Table of Contents
  • Text of the implementation's copyright notice.
  • *NEW* Release 2.0. This release contains support for OSPF Opaque-LSAs.
  • Release 1.x bug fixes. The implementation included with the book is labeled as version 0.1. With the first bug fix, the version number was incremented to 1.1, with the digits to the right of the decimal point referring to the patch level.
  • Known problems.
  • Linux port.
  • OSPF simulator for Windows/Linux.
  • Background reading.
  • FAQ
  • Programming resources.
  • Other OSPF resources, including specs, mailing list, etc.